Abraham’s house

Designing the Temple of peace

Special guests: (confirmed) Yiorgos Hadjichristou, Cyprus Eric Firley, University of Miami, School of Architecture, USA Kutsal Öztürk, American University of Cyprus Emilija Nikolic, Beograd University, Archaeological Institute of Belgrade Ilaria Geddes, Independent researcher, Italy


Scientific Coordinator: Alessandro Camiz, alessandrocamiz@gau.edu.tr

Organizer: Alessandro Bruccoleri

Tutors: Emilja Nikolic, Alessandro Bruccoleri, Muhittin Can, Ma’in Abushaika, Ahmad Alzamil, Alina Mamedeva, Kimia Najafi, Nazanim Gherabi Tehrani

Organizing committee: Ercin Aydin, Muharrem Fetvacioglu, Ahmet Arslan, Giulia Masini With the patrociny: Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali, Ordine Architetti, Pianificatori e Conservatori di Roma e Provincia; Istituto Alcide Cervi, Museo Cervi, Biblioteca Archivio “Emilio Sereni”; Centro Studi Città Territorio, Italy.


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 The design team will design a Temple of Peace, dedicated to Abraham, using sustainable materials (textiles, ropes and wooden elements). Architecture as a language of peace, the house as an element of unity in the different countries of the Mediterranean, and the design of a temple of peace based on the description of Abraham's house, these are, in summary, the topics to be discussed in the workshop. The meetings - on the theme of peacebuilding - intertwine news and current affairs through a reflection that leaves and goes back to the "Genesis", the myth of the house of Abraham as a common origin of churches, mosques and synagogues. In the same house was in fact created the sacred space for Jews, Christians and Muslims, the three great monotheistic religions. And as written by Giuseppe Strappa, “the tent of the patriarch, religious expression of the origins of the house, collects the poetry of the protected space and, together, opens to the other, to the traveler. Abraham welcomes, in the Genesis, the three travelers who come to the shady oaks of Mamre below his tent, where he prepares for them, absolute strangers, a banquet. In the Torah the house of Abraham is the very symbol of chesed, love for the neighbour. In the Surah of Imran, the Kaaba built by Ibrahim is the first house built by man, destined to become a meeting place and refuge".


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