IAPS 2008

XX Conferenza

Sapienza Università di Roma
Università LUMSA (Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta)
International Association for People-environment Studies (IAPS)

Iaps 2008

La XX Conferenza IAPS si svolgerà a Roma dal 28 luglio al 1 agosto 2008. Le sessioni di apertura e chiusura avranno luogo nell'Aula Magna dell'Università La Sapienza (Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5).

Tutte le altre attività saranno ospitate nelle strutture della Facoltà di Scienze dell'Educazione dell'Università LUMSA (Piazza delle Vaschette, 101; Via di Porta Castello, 44; Borgo Sant'Angelo, 13).

IAPS 2008 

The Steering Committee warmly invites you to join this event, and gives you the assurance that the very best will be done in order to make it a success from every point of view: scientific, educational, cultural, interpersonal, etc. Scholars from various disciplines are invited to submit symposium proposals, papers and posters of their research findings or overviews. The Conference is a forum where scientists, academics, practitioners and policy makers exchange their views, visions and experience. Dialogue between sciences and decision makers will be encouraged.

Consistent with the mission of I.A.P.S., the aim of the Conference is to offer an opportunity of dialogue among different scientific fields interested in environmental issues and professionals and decision makers in charge of designing and managing the environment in general and the urban environment in particular. This aim will be addressed taking into account the international progresses of the United Nations programme for sustainable development and also of the related Convention for the Conservation of Biological Diversity (CBD, Rio De Janeiro, 1992; UNESCO-MAB, 2006).

These programmes have brought the attention on both the biosphere processes - from global to local and urban - and on the importance of biological diversity, or biodiversity. This has stimulated the interest in other diversities, in particular human-cultural diversity (see UNESCO-MAB, Seville Strategy for Biosphere Reserves, Art. n. 1, 1995).

The aim is to focus attention on multiple diversities which characterise urban environments, and that are central in United Nation programmes for sustainable development (see UNESCO-MAB Urban Group, 2006 and Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005). Consistent with the goals of the same programme, the intention is to stress the need for a strategic and shared approach, in order to design and manage living environments in a sustainable way. This is particularly important for urban environments, where more than a half of the world population now live.

The purpose is to focus attention on potentialities and challenges, for biological and sociocultural systems and their reciprocal relations of sustainability, of our cities' diversities: biological, psychological, societal, cultural, ethnic, historical, architectural, urban and technological.

Managing potentialities and challenges as opportunities represents the basis for promoting and preserving well-being of the bio-spherical and human-cultural components of each urban system, for more sustainable urban development and for the well-being of people living there.

Such a complex scenario needs confrontation and collaboration among different disciplines (natural, psychological, social, technological, design sciences, etc.) and between these and the public and private decisional and entrepreneurial front. This process is necessary to create a management system that operates in a synergic way in order to identify and promote innovation choices, not just in a short term, but especially in the medium and long term.

The Conference will host international scientists and designers; I.A.P.S. members and non-members. National and multinational agencies and company managers, administrators and delegates are also welcome to take part in the Conference.


The Conference will undertake issues which are coherent with the objectives of I.A.P.S., following the guidelines explained in the call for papers.

Below there are some examples of the possible topics to be examined during the Conference:

- Architectural-urban design and management for well-being in life environments

- Urban diversities, landscapes and sustainable quality of life

- Green spaces in urban and peri-urban areas and sustainable biodiversity

- Sustainable ways of mobility and urban transport
- Sustainable tourism, ecotourism and environmental diversities' conservation

- Sustainable use of natural resources in urban environment (water, air, energy sources, waste recycling and disposal, etc.).

The Organizing Scientific Committee and the Interdisciplinary Scientific Committee are willing to accept also specific proposals to organize symposia, thematic sessions, round table sessions, preliminary satellite symposia, and workshops focused on issues of common interest, in collaboration with Agencies, Associations, and Companies. For example, as usual in I.A.P.S. Conferences, a Young Researchers Workshop will be held for two days just before the Conference.

programma (schema delle sessioni di lavoro)


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