Eladio Dieste: an innovative architecture in Uruguay

a plan for Uruguay

From the 15th of April to the 3rd of May 2007
Casa dell'Architettura

piazza Manfredo Fanti 47, Rome

Primary objective of the exhibition is to make known the work of a master, the research and the innovative formal language of high technological content realized with a "poor material", such the armed tile is.

The exhibition intends to analyze the architecture that this engineer has been able to develop from the meticulous and pragmatic observation of a context in which the only resources were the labor and the earth. Eladio Dieste has been able to impose his own architectures on the mediocrity typical of the traditional construction. His works are internationally recognized, among all his works it is worth to mention the church of Atlantida.

Aim of the exhibition is to know the historical and contemporary context of Dieste’s works, sponsoring the Uruguayan culture in Europe and supporting a programme of cooperation for the protection and the restoration of his works in Uruguay and in Brazil, together with the intention to safeguard an important part of the international architectural heritage.

The Embassy of Uruguay at the Quirinale
Facultad de Arquitectura de Montevideo
Faculty of Architecture of “Valle Giulia”
Register of Engineers of Rome and its Province
Register of Architects Planners Landscapers Conservatives of Rome and its Province
IILA Italian and Latin American Institute

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data pubblicazione: giovedì 5 aprile 2007
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Incontri di Architettura Eladio Dieste: an innovative architecture in Uruguay