REcall: call for applications

european conflict heritage reappropriation

This call for tenders is part of the REcall project and aims at receiving enthusiastic and thorough proposal for Difficult Heritage - such as the ones coming from XX Century conflicts and wars - re-apropriation interventions. Selected entries will be granted access to one of the two design workshops which will take place in Norway and Italy in 2013. Proposals will be guided towards a successful end, in which those selected entries will compete for a final prize involving an economic contribution.

REcall-project REcall seeks to formulate a new role of the architectural environment based on invigorated research on the cultural landscapes of WWI and WWII, and to strengthen the attention on the management, documentation and fruition of such a heritage. The project regards heritage as a dynamic process, involving the declaration of our memory of past events and actions that have been refashioned for present day purposes such as identity, community, legalisation of power and authority.

According to the project group, any cultural landscape or urbanscape is characterised by its dynamism, temporality and changing priorities in social perception. We stress that the research we develop will generate the values to be protected tomorrow. On the strength of this account, our project proposes the development of sustainable and innovative architectural practices for reuse, valorisation and communication of the XXth Century European Conflict Heritage.

The Prizes
REcall foresees the selection of 10 winning proposals from interdisciplinary teams (more info provided in the ‘Call for applications' document), inviting their members to participate in one of the two workshops to take place during 2013 in Norway and Italy.

All selected groups will participate in a final submission and the best proposals will receive:
- Workshop Norway (first prize): 3,000€
- Workshop Italy (first prize): 3,000€
- Workshop Norway (second prize): 2,000€
- Workshop Italy (second prize): 2,000€


Registration deadline: January 30, 2013
Application deadline: February 15, 2013


Participating institutions
Politecnico di Milano (coordinator)
Aalborg Universitet
Newcastle University
NTNU Trondheim
Falstad center
Museo diffuso della resistenza

In collaboration with:
Ergan Foundation, MACBA, Romsdal Museet, Routes Agency, Snark.

data pubblicazione: lunedì 10 dicembre 2012
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