Progetto TOKI - Turchia

avviso affidamento di incarichi

Selezione di tre studi di progettisti per la partecipazione all'assegnazione di 3 incarichi di progettazione da parte dell'Ente pubblico turco Toki incaricato dello sviluppo dell'edilizia pubblica in Turchia. Gli studi interessati dovranno partecipare in partnership con una società specializzata in prodotti prefabbricati ed inviare il loro curriculum presso l'Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. di Roma e provincia secondo modalità e scadenze riportate sull'annuncio.


Progetto TOKI - Turchia


During OAR's mission in Turkey, in May 2009, together with Ance, the Italian delegation established new relationships with Turkish counterparts. Among these Oar has reached an agreement for evaluating collaboration opportunities with Toki (Housing Development Administration)** which is the single responsible public body within the housing sector in Turkey and directly affiliated to the Prime Ministry.

Toki is willing to collaborate with Italian professional architects in order to develop new design and construction schemes to be applied on Toki's projects for social mass housing development and eventually hospitals and schools. Such schemes need to give innovative solutions to the aesthetics of the buildings and to construction methods with pre-cast structures. The economic investment will have to be competitive.

Following the arrival of Toki's letter of interest in Nov. 9, (see attachment 1), an experts' commission will select the firms willing to participate with Toki in this joint projects.

It is important to specify that this is not the conferment of an assignment by Toki, but it will be necessary to establish a working team with which to confer with Toki directly in Turkey in order to find an agreement satisfactory to both parties.

This first step will be self-financed by the selected teams who will provide to all expenses related to the first trip to Ankara. Once an agreement will be reached, Toki can purchase the service, indicated in the Turkish Law as "direct service procurement". Each service cannot exceed the total sum of 100.000 TL (Euro 45.000).

The collaboration with Toki will mainly regard three issues:

  • social housing design and innovative construction solutions
  • schools' design and development
  • hospitals' design and development

A total of 3 (three) firms, one for each above mentioned theme, will be selected.

It is necessary to apply to this project in joint venture with a society for innovative pre-cast products. Name and presentation/website of the society for innovative pre-cast products has to be indicated in the application form sent by the firm. The aim is to work on innovative proposals done jointly by a design firm and a pre-cast products' producer.

A selection committee will analyze all application forms received by OAR. The selection criteria will be: curriculum and documented list of executed works, capability of the firms to carry out works abroad, presence of English speaking technicians. Firms that are not yet involved in other OAR's projects will be preferred.

Application forms will have to arrive by November 30 at 12.00 am, at the Protocol Office of OAR, Piazza Manfredo Fanti 47, 00185 Rome, by mail, or handed in directly.

The selection of the three groups will be done before January 2010.


**For more information on Toki visit


20 gennaio 2010

Verbali Commissioni TOKI - i nominativi dei 3 studi professionali selezionati

Comunicazione al Presidente Erdogan Baykatar


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