Bando di gara

PROJECT NAME: new project on Fu Ming middle school students department and Primary  School Teaching Building of guixi Primary of luo long town in yi bin.


BID AGENCY:si chuan hua yu Construction Project Management Co., Ltd.

PROCUREMENT OFFICE: educational Bureau of YI BIN South Stream District


Construction place: South Stream District bin river new city

Construction scale:total Construction area 9500 square meters,of which the department area is 4100 square meters and the teaching building is 5400 square meters.

Hight(for skyscrapers): no descriptions

Bidding field: Geotechnical Investigation,Engineering survey, Preliminary design, Landscape design, Technological scheme, Working drawing design and follow-up services.

Project Budget:10.8 million

TYPOLOGY:architecture design/landscape design/architecture Relocation



Prequalification deadline: 2012.2.15

Prequalification paper receiver address:yi bin city Construction projects Trading Center ,shang north street 56#.

Project submit deadline: 70d



1.The independent legal person  ;

2.Candidates should have done more than one similar School projects in the last three years;

3.Candidates should hold the state administrative department in charge of construction and legal construction of housing construction general contracting level 3 and above qualification


The project is one of the state investment engineering construction projects in Sichuan province administrative regions .and approved by Development and Reform Bureau of southe stream town in the form of commission tender. [2011] No. 395

the intended candidates should sign up and get the ' bid registration form on 'Sichuan construction site'

during the period of 2012.1.18 to 2012.2.29.


For more information, please contact:

Nina Xu.


Phone:86 18980025012,86 13718775914

Chengdu Italy Style Architectural Design&Consulting., LTD.

Address:201,Unit 2, MellingJu, Yuling East Street, Chengdu, China

Phone: 8618980025012

data pubblicazione: giovedì 9 febbraio 2012
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