Design for Dian Jun ecological main urban, Yichang

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Project name: design for Dian Jun ecological main urban, Yichang City,

Agency company: Urban Planning bureau of Yichang City

PROCUREMENT OFFICE: Hubei province Yichang city along the Yangtze River Road 189, Yichang City Planning Bureau

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: For a high level, a high starting point, high quality construction of Yichang Ecological  Dian Jun city, fully learn and draw  from domestic and foreign city design, using the construction concept, advanced, scientific, reasonable planning to guide city development, accelerate advance Yichang world hydropower and tourism city and ecological cultural tourism circle of western central city construction in Yichang City, Hubei province Yichang City Planning Bureau organized Dian Jun of main ecological city urban design programmes assembly activities.


Area: About 35.5 square kilometers, the mountain can be about 15.5 square kilometres of land

Hight :(for skyscrapers): unmentioned

Project Award: According to preliminary determination, any contestant whose desigs are choosed and will get first prize as assessed by specialists will be awarded RMB1,800,000. And the second prize is RMB1,600,000,the third prize is RMB1,200,000.Besides,the first scheme at the same time as the winning design, the organizers of the project design organization mechanism optimization and design institutions after review by, will get other winning prize money 1,200,000.

SCHDEULE: Deadline for Registration: Before 17:00, Apr.16, 2012  Qualification Review Result Announcement: Apr. 20,2012


1, the applicants shall be a legally registered entity or by a legally registered entity composed of a consortium. Each applicant should only be alone for or as a partner of a joint venture to enlist.

 2, the applicants should have the rich mountain city planning, city design and landscape planning and design experience.

3, people of the people's Republic of China, applicants must have corresponding city planning or construction engineering design qualification, the applicants outside the people's Republic of China issued by his country in city planning and design or construction design qualification.

4, the following for invalid file: a ) does not meet the 3 requirements, b) design documents incomplete or fake, c ) candidate file overdue delivery.



data pubblicazione: giovedì 22 marzo 2012
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Professione Progetto Internazionalizzazione Design for Dian Jun ecological main urban, Yichang