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The main goal of "Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. di Roma e Provincia" is to empower activities, projects and existing tools in research and innovation area. For this reason, in February 2014, the Order decided to set up the renewed "Tecnoteca-Architettura&Design" service, aimed at supporting a direct relationship between design and industrial and manufacturing production.

Enrolled members can benefit from a problem solving service and a technical/operative consultation. The activity consists in giving the architect information and support throughout the design process, providing him with specific technical solutions in terms of goals and targets. "Tecnoteca Architettura&Design" also carries out coordination services and guarantees assistance during the whole process of achieving goals.

The service is free for Order members. Through the official web site,, the companies have the opportunity to promote the most important aspects of research and innovation, and to sponsor their own technologies and products. The companies that join the service can play an active role and confront directly with the designer.

"Tecnoteca-Architettura&Design" selects the companies time by time on the following parameters:

  • "Know how" profile offered on the market;
  • Potentials and technical/experimental features;
  • Abilities to manage relationships and production quality guarantees

During their staying within "Tecnoteca", the companies may be presented directly to the designer who is interested in them.


Promotion, research and development manager:
Andrea Colini  336 379798


Communication tools and elective target

"Ordine di Roma" web site,, has been a virtual architecture reference magazine for more than 10 years. With its 1.800.000 visitors and 5.800.000 downloaded pages every year, it's among the most important websites of Italian architecture.

"Ordine degli Architetti,P.P.C. di Roma e provincia" on November 2013 counted 17.595 members (planner, landscape and conservation architects).

Business services

  • The Order promotes and updates its 17.000 registered members through the newsletter service and the publication of the company's profile on the website (Tecnoteca/aziende partner section);
  • At the architect's request, meetings will be set up at the competent office, and the companies technologies and products will be showed and described;
  • The companies can benefit from an extra service: the videointerview with the company's technical managers, a service that wants to identify the product's technical potentials, its performances, applications and working techniques specifications. The video will be available on the Tecnoteca/videointerviste section of the website, and with the architect's consent, a part of it will be set as a documentary about the project's planning and creation phases.
  • The companies can benefit from an extra service: the event organization at the "Casa dell'Architettura" building, where meetings will be set and planned after business hours. With the events they can tell their entrepreneurial know-how, inform the participants about their production and processing technological and regulatory advances, and answer any questions that may arise;
  • With the company's consent, visits to the production plants can be set.